Friday, March 06, 2009

Because I Am Nothing If Not Random

SoCal Paradin'
because one can not mention frijoles refritos in one's post without including a picture of a lowrider.

So yeah. Completely out of the blue - HI. Kinda had the idea to ease back into this, maybe? I think? Mostly because tonight I started that Blogging In My Head thing. Those of you who've been doing this for a while now and those of you who did it way back when will know that of which I speak. And it was soooo random and silly. But then that's what you were used to from me, yes?

Here's what was in mah head:
I almost don't dare to say it out loud, but I'm on a slight weight loss kick as of late. The Spawn is has joined her school's newly formed swim team and because they don't have a pool they have to have practices at the Y, and then only 2 days a week for about an hour and a half. (Ok, why is it every time I say that I hear Inigo Montoya say "a leetle less than haf an hour" in my head?)GET TO THE POINT, I hear you say... We joined the Y and I swam for 5 days straight and oh the joy of being back in the water. Of course after a couple of laps I'm wheezing like a smoker with emphysema taking a drag through her trach hole, but FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. And boy howdy am I caps locking it up tonight! Well, my darlings, that is not all, no siree. ALSO, I have had no caffeine for 5 days and, here's the kicker, no simple carbohydrates. ::GASP:: I know, right? Hi, my name is Teri. I'm addicted to carbs. But none has passed mine lips! Uuuuntil tonight... at which time I had a bean and cheese quesadilla. (For those of us who grew up close to a border with Mexico know that cheese quesadilla is redundant... but I digress...) So, THAT brought me to this, as a SoCal girl born and raised there are 3 things that my cupboard is rarely bare of: tortillas, frijoles refritos and cheese oh-so-glorious cheese.

Ya know, it sounded totally more entertaining in my head earlier.

So yeah. Hi.

O's, X's and !'s



Anonymous said...

I'm soooo SoCal, if it doesn't come with guacamole - it's not fajitas (even though guac isn't traditional/authentic Mexican)

I just gots to have my avacados, lucky for me, the in-laws have a couple of trees so I'm always covered (figuratively, not literally - ewh)

Oh, and welcome back.

Teri M. said...

YES... mmmmmmavocados... the g-rents (i'm all gettin' into teh lingos) have trees and i grew up eating them straight outta the skin with a little salt. such a beautiful thing.

hey thanks :) so, is that child in college yet or what? i think it's been that long!

Mel said...

TERRRRRRIIIIII!!!! You're sneaking back into it, but the blog... will... get... you.
Return! Be one of us... one of us... one of ussss...


Teri M. said...

i feel...faint... and strangely COMPEEEEELLED...

ok. love my word verification: thwoof