Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Which I Have Completely Lost Track of Time and Also An Update and Also You Get To See A Teensy Bit Of My Not So Pretty Crazy.

Ingersoll 1b

As usual I post and then disappear. Partly due to some week long technical difficulties, partly because the bringing yall (saving an explanation of this spelling for a later post) up to date involves things I'd rather move on from but if you don't get a little background regarding the last 3 years then it's probably a wee bit confusing. And don't you hate it when you don't know what's going on?? SO irritating, right?

Just like pulling off a Band-aid. Fast. Hopefully a minimum of gore. Possibly some incoherent sobbing.

I've been laid off twice in the last couple of years and we are no longer living in the house we owned but renting one a few miles away. No more 300 gallon reef tank. No more ginormous living room, heroically renovated from the bare studs by my husband, with picture window and bamboo flooring. No more dining room with the really, really cool maple and cherry striped floor (also from the sweat and blood of aforementioned husband) and Tuscan walls painted by yours truly. No more deep tub with jets surrounded by white wainscoting and walls that I painted using 3 different shades of blue while Nick Drake's Pink Moon album played on repeat for the entire afternoon. And I think I will miss you most of all, Kitchen.

That is all I will say about that because it's painfully embarrassing. Deeply and utterly and absolutely mortifying. Soooo, I will preemptively thank you for the sympathy because if you're still out there I know for a fact that you are darling, darling people but I can't emphasis enough how much I will not be discussing it further.

Moving ON...

I have dubbed our current abode The Cottage. There are about 500 less square feet but the backyard is much bigger and there is a 2 car garage set back from the house with a little courtyard between. Our bedroom is much nicer as well. Aaand after being here 10 months the living room is half painted and probably 60% of our things are still in boxes.

I erased the rest of that paragraph because I was in tears again but this time FROM THE BOREDOM. Srsly... if I'm boring myself then kudos to you for reading this far.

Um, let's see... Oh yeah, The Spawn is now 18. Also not much to say about that at this time.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today? Am I not just a bright and shiny ball of SPARKLE?

(Insert graceful closing paragraph here)

To you, my darlings: X's, O's and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Check it, yo. I have a BLOG.

Weird, I know, right? Also, guess who is unemployed and feelin' chatty? Don't know who all is still out there but my plan is to schedule a little time to look up all my ol' blog peeps and see how you're doing.

Just a quickie "howdy" post right now because I have dogs to feed and holy moly it's like having small children.

X's and O's and exclamation points to you all...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Friday, March 06, 2009

Because I Am Nothing If Not Random

SoCal Paradin'
because one can not mention frijoles refritos in one's post without including a picture of a lowrider.

So yeah. Completely out of the blue - HI. Kinda had the idea to ease back into this, maybe? I think? Mostly because tonight I started that Blogging In My Head thing. Those of you who've been doing this for a while now and those of you who did it way back when will know that of which I speak. And it was soooo random and silly. But then that's what you were used to from me, yes?

Here's what was in mah head:
I almost don't dare to say it out loud, but I'm on a slight weight loss kick as of late. The Spawn is has joined her school's newly formed swim team and because they don't have a pool they have to have practices at the Y, and then only 2 days a week for about an hour and a half. (Ok, why is it every time I say that I hear Inigo Montoya say "a leetle less than haf an hour" in my head?)GET TO THE POINT, I hear you say... We joined the Y and I swam for 5 days straight and oh the joy of being back in the water. Of course after a couple of laps I'm wheezing like a smoker with emphysema taking a drag through her trach hole, but FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. And boy howdy am I caps locking it up tonight! Well, my darlings, that is not all, no siree. ALSO, I have had no caffeine for 5 days and, here's the kicker, no simple carbohydrates. ::GASP:: I know, right? Hi, my name is Teri. I'm addicted to carbs. But none has passed mine lips! Uuuuntil tonight... at which time I had a bean and cheese quesadilla. (For those of us who grew up close to a border with Mexico know that cheese quesadilla is redundant... but I digress...) So, THAT brought me to this, as a SoCal girl born and raised there are 3 things that my cupboard is rarely bare of: tortillas, frijoles refritos and cheese oh-so-glorious cheese.

Ya know, it sounded totally more entertaining in my head earlier.

So yeah. Hi.

O's, X's and !'s


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Instead Of Words

I offer you artistic edification.
Cornell, Joseph - Untitled (Medici Princess) 1948

Joseph Cornell