Friday, March 31, 2006

Cuz I'm in a vintage state of mind

In an attempt to avoid the five thousand things I should be doing, I was looking through one of my many boxes of photos (ya know for inspiration) and came across this little jewel. I like to call it "Our (Cross-Dressing) Gang." I'm pretty sure they're even sober. Someone needs to remind Altman to cross his flesh tights-covered legs at the ankles, like a respectable lady.

Photobooth Friday

I'm joining in on an idea that I found over on hula seventy. She's got some great photobooth photos, including the current, very sassy one, of herself. Go check out her smart and creative self.

This handsome fella is one that I bought in a lot on eBay. It's rather creased. Was it for a passport? Was it carried lovingly around in a sweetheart's pocketbook for years after he broke her heart? Part of why I am addicted to buying vintage pictures are the possible stories behind each one. Sometimes you hit paydirt and have names and dates and then, sometimes, you just gotta make it up. I suppose part of the appeal is that I feel that I'm "rescuing" the pictures and the people in them. It's strange, I know. But how sad that someone's history is up for sale. Using them in my cards and art is my chance to give them a new part in a new family history.

Darn. Nothing funny in this post. Just a little glimpse into my nerdiness. Lucky you!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey strangers

Well, good morning. I know, I know... I gave you all these posts and then.... nuthin'. I don't have the excuse that I've been mega busy or anything. It's pure, unadulterated laziness. Plus I wasn't feeling particularly clever. Not that even if I was feeling clever I would actually be clever.

I'm thinking about trying a little AudioBlogging. After all, the blog has "Vox" in the name, and I would hate to be accused of falsely advertising. (That wasn't a reference to the recent firestorm on the blog front regarding weight and significant others - it just fit. But I did snort a little after I typed it.) So, you've got that to dream about. Speaking of, I actually dreamed I was blogging the other night. Is that strange?

Now I must hand out a little blog love: Mama P at PassTheZoloft was kind enough to effusively praise (and rightly so LOL) my kitchen. She has a couple of pics of her remodel in progress, as well. Go check out her gorgeous new tile and her witty and insightful posts. Gotta love the Mama!

Today's pic is one the cards I will be attempting to sell.

Ok, now I've got to get off my patoot and do my "job", i.e., housework. gagsnortcough.

Maybe I'll procrastinate a little later and blab atcha s'more.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

And today, in my fascinating life...

Whew... three posts yesterday. I was on a roll.

I have spent most of today wrestling with the scanner from H E Double Hockey Sticks. According to The Spouse (hereafter referred to as "D."), it's something to do with how it's set up in the network. Yes, people, I said network. We reside in an 1800 sf, 3 bedroom, two bath ranch style home (with the afore mentioned fantastical kitchen). We have a total of FIVE computers. Not including the touchpad tablet PC The Girl (hereafter referred to as "H.") has for school. (school provided, thank you very much.) We have a server. This makes it possible for all of us to use the printer, the all-in-one printer/fax/Satan spawned scanner and the soon to be added large format printer (ok, well, that's for business, but whatever) and to steal music from each other's computers. We are hopelessly addicted to technology. We live with a constant electrical buzz. OH, and the fish tank in the hall, and the refrigerator and AND AND... I've gotta open up my Itunes and drown it all out. ::wooosaaaa::

Hmmm... it would appear that I subscribe to the free association school of blogging.

Now off to figure out what's for dinner. D. is in NYC this week and has informed me that he's going to Greenwich Village for pizza tonight. All blase and whatnot. He even said "Whatevah." Yeah, well, I've got a date with a Healthy Choice frozen dinner and this week's double episode of "Related".

So there.

And maybe I'll stay up til the wee hours reading about html code, so you don't have to suffer too much through my growing pains.

nighty night.

p.s. The picture doesn't really relate to anything in my post. It's just there because I think it's beautiful. And because I can.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yeah, I'm braggin'. What's it to ya?

Once upon a time there lived a girl who had no dishwasher, couldn't see into a pot without banging her forehead on the stove hood and had laundry in full view of the dining room. She was very sad. Then one day this girl's Prince Charming tried to make chili. Instead of looking down into the pot, he could only look down onto the stove hood (he's a tall drinka watah). And he said,"Darn it! I'm sick of this. Time for a NEW KITCHEN." A choir of angels began to sing. Pictured above is what appeared. (not instantaneously, mind you.)

You absolutely must check out my Flickr for the before pictures. Seriously. Just slide that mousey right on over to the sidebar and CLICK.

Can you say DISHWASHER?


I'm working on better curtains (will post a fabric pic later - cuz you know you're dying to see!), and maybe some pictures on what wall space isn't taken up with cupboards. But I dance around it eeeevery morning.


The fabulous pic of the adorable puppy doing his spot-on (hee, pun!) impression of me is from the geniuses over at Cute Overload and when I figure out how to do all of this correctly, it won't be so awkward and there will be handy little link back thingies. AAARRRRGH.

Correction 03/23 Ok, I can now do the links in post the correct way. One small step for Terikind.


Nothin' like starting the day with an obscure Thoroughly Modern Millie quote.

"Pook" is the word I use when I'm trying not to curse. Which is what I'm trying not to do right now. I suppose that before I really get into this whole blogging thang, I should read the directions. There are directions, aren't there?


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My First Time

Ooookay, here we go... I'm a little nervous... but excited... be gentle, I'm new.