Monday, June 11, 2007

This Might, Possibly Be Cheating On The Blogging, Just A Weeny Bit. Maybe.

Honestly I was going to try and blog at the very, very least once a week as suggested by the ever rockin' Bo. I meant to do so today. Really. You know how I love confessing things to you, so you must know: I'm addicted to Flickr now. It's bad. And who woulda thunk it - this whole 365 Days project has me all excited. Before, you would be hard pressed to get a picture of me. Of course it helps that I take and pick the pictures. And also, it seems that my eye stars in most of them. But I'm working on that. I have all sorts of fab ideas for July and August (anniversary post! hee.) Hm. I think my train of thought has blown through the station... I started to have more of a blogging point here... Oh, right... I sorta blogged in my Flickr today and now I'm kinda blogged out. Check it, peeps: Day 17. Look down on the right. This pretty much covered Teri Today. Feel free to browse the other ones, too. Highly informational. Etc. I'm babbling now, aren't I? And I think I owe Luke a meme or an interview or something and I've been a total slacker and haven't looked at my email. Sorry Luke! Soon. Ok. I'd better be going before I add anymore links.

XXOO!!, bebes!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

In Lieu of Vox... Dang, I'm Usually Pretty Good With The Catchy Titles, But Apparently Not Tonight.

Annoyed in Photoshop
First, I would like to thank the Academy... oh wait, wrong speech... No really, thanks for your kind comments and encouragement. Sometimes you just gotta get it out there and I appreciate your indulgence.

Now back to our regular programming...

As the title subtly implies, there will be no audio post today. Not that I'd promised one, but I was thinking that it would be a nice idea, since it's been a year since the last one, but I've just spent half and hour looking for my cheap little computer mic and I can't hook up my professional one because I have no cable. Did you catch that word professional? YES SIREE, I am officially, sorta, a professional voiceover artiste. Ok, I haven't gotten the check yet, but it's comin'. Which, crap, means I'm gonna hafta set up paying taxes and I should probably actually do something with my website and...But I digress. Thanks to The Spouse, I was booked to do the intro on some doctor/pharmecutical power point training program thingie(hey, the talent isn't always clear on the details, she's just there to woo them with her pipes)for one of his clients. So, yay me!
Frankly I don't have a whole lot to say at the moment. Mostly I wanted to get the dramafest that was my last post pushed down a bit. If you're new here, do me a favor and check out the archives. Here... for now you can hear me, er, here. Plus I did a pretty cool one for my birthday last year and of course the sappytouching anniversary post. Go. Peruse. Feel free to comment. I craaaave the comments. And don't forget to check on my Flickr for my daily contribution to the 365 Days project.

Also, I will now be abbr. my usual sign off. I didn't want you to miss it. Not that I think you're dumb or anything, I just didn't want you to be, ya know, confused. Anyway.