Friday, August 18, 2006

The Why of "Velvet Vox"

RCA Ribbon Velocity Type 44A mic
Katherine (btw, I'm realizing that all the people on my 'roll are, like, attractive) asked me earlier how I came up with the name of my blawg. Firstly, to clarify - the only place I sing is in my car. What I am good at is speaking. I'd always wanted to be an actor, but life happens and I was inside sales/customer service for a wholesale building supply company for 16 years. I honed my phone voice into a velvety customer service machine. Actually, I was mistaken for a machine at least once a day. It usually went like this:

Me: Thank you for calling @#$%& Building Products. How may I help...BEEPBEEPBEEP

Me: Uh. Hellooooo?

Them: What? Hello? Oh. Sorry. I thought you were an automated voice!

So, I used my feminine wiles and velvet vox to sell plywood and particleboard and lumber to sweaty guys who probably needed to shave. They ate it up. They all cried when I left. And my office closed. Before I left, our LA office asked me to do the messages on their automated system, so my old customer still get to hear me say the magic words: "Thank you for calling @#$%& Building Products." I am a legend. LOL

Long story short: Thought I might be able to make money with my speaking voice. Took a couple classes. Years passed. Finally did a demo. Quit my job. (Between 45 mile round trip commute in some of the areas worst traffic and losing the ability to deal with irritating people - I was one angry, unhappy girl.) Now, theoretically, I'm supposed to be pursuing a career in voice-over. At some point I decided that "Velvet Vox" was a nice little tagline/marketing gimmick.

You can hear the one audio post I've done so far here, if you haven't already. And as soon as I can remember my logon for the site I used to host it, I'll upload a track from my actual demo.

The end.


Katherine said...

I heard you!! That was so cool, you can so make money with that voice. I feel like I've heard your voice before...Are you pursuing voice overs and animated characters? You should! Anyway, thanks for indulging me and my nosy question!

Anonymous said...

quote: (btw, I'm realizing that all the people on my 'roll are, like, attractive)

Ah, thanks. You can see my picture here.

Teri M. said...

Katherine: Thanks. ::blush:: It's a crowded business, so hopefully I can overcome my crippling fear of rejection. I'm flattered that you asked, actually. I certainly didn't consider it nosy. :)

archshrk: LLLLLOOOOOLLLLL!! Just how I like my men: crusty and misshapen!

hannah m. said...

hey...what about such friend and moose???

hannah m. said...

hey...what about friend and moose???

Teri M. said...

H-bug: Huh?

H-bug: Huh?

meno said...

Well, you could always use your god given talent to make a fortune doing phone sex.

Always here with the helpful suggestions. :)

Bobealia... said...

I was there when you began (those were the days, seems like just yesterday) so I remember the loverly voice post. My brother-in-law does voice work part time and his co-workers don't know because he has to phone in sick when he does it. He's on some commercials now, and a few people have asked him, "hey is that you on such and such commercial??" and he's like, "uh, no." My husband was approached by a radio person and was told, "You have an AM voice." So, I guess they have good voice genes.
Anywhoo, lady, don't be afraid of rejection - just do it! (easy for me to say, huh?)

Andrea Frazer said...

Oh my GOD woman.. .don't you know that everybody sucks? They are just better at hiding their insecurity. You have got to go out there and do this, with the motto being to get rejected by somebody big at LEAST once a month. (This attitude has helped me hone my writing skills for years on end...lots of rejections to prove it)

Anonymous said...

I can so completely relate to the rejection fear, however, I like mama P's attitude of intentially going for the rejection - but of the really big guys. Send your demo to Disney, Campbells, Food Maker, etc. instead of the lowly local guys. Worst case you get rejected, but by Disney versus "Acme Voiceovers" and best case, they love you!

You've got the voice Teri, and the world is a sadder place for not being allowed to hear it. :-)

Teri M. said...

Bo, MamaP, Jen: (What? I'm lazy) Ok, ok. Sheesh. LOL Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. One of the hallmarks of an actor: insecurity. So maybe there's hope? Love you!!