Friday, December 08, 2006

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Blahger Friend

Wearing the psychological equivalent of a hair shirt? Check. Mentally flogging myself? Check. Getting down on my hands and knees and begging for your forgiveness and your leniency? Check. Check.

Patience with me you must have. Groping my way towards some sort of center am I.

(Haven't checked email, haven't looked at blogs, so don't think the silence is the cold shoulder.)

Hugs and big sloppy kisses to you all.


meno said...

Take care of yourself you must.

Katherine said...

Hmpf!! (snorted very indignantly) Miss ya!

Mel said...

Girl, you do what you gotta do. As a bunch of people just recently reminded me, a blog is for you, not for another obligation.
And I suck, too, by that standard, having not been around to many, many blogs just recently, what with the general suckage of my own recent life.
No worries. It all revolves. Things will come back to happy again soon enough, I'm sure.

s@bd said...

using the jedi ways, are you.

auntie jude said...

My loyalty may be bought for a new television. Plasma, please. 60", 1080 hd, wall-mounted. Concealed speakers.

And a pony.

bobealia said...

I haven't been the best of bloggers either as of late, so I guess I will forgive you. This time.

Mama P said...

Hey, do what you have to do, girl. Some weeks I write daily, other times once every two weeks. Unless you're a Doocer and doing this for pay, you're under no obligation to anyone but you. Though I do love hearing from ya.