Friday, March 06, 2009

Because I Am Nothing If Not Random

SoCal Paradin'
because one can not mention frijoles refritos in one's post without including a picture of a lowrider.

So yeah. Completely out of the blue - HI. Kinda had the idea to ease back into this, maybe? I think? Mostly because tonight I started that Blogging In My Head thing. Those of you who've been doing this for a while now and those of you who did it way back when will know that of which I speak. And it was soooo random and silly. But then that's what you were used to from me, yes?

Here's what was in mah head:
I almost don't dare to say it out loud, but I'm on a slight weight loss kick as of late. The Spawn is has joined her school's newly formed swim team and because they don't have a pool they have to have practices at the Y, and then only 2 days a week for about an hour and a half. (Ok, why is it every time I say that I hear Inigo Montoya say "a leetle less than haf an hour" in my head?)GET TO THE POINT, I hear you say... We joined the Y and I swam for 5 days straight and oh the joy of being back in the water. Of course after a couple of laps I'm wheezing like a smoker with emphysema taking a drag through her trach hole, but FIVE DAYS IN A ROW. And boy howdy am I caps locking it up tonight! Well, my darlings, that is not all, no siree. ALSO, I have had no caffeine for 5 days and, here's the kicker, no simple carbohydrates. ::GASP:: I know, right? Hi, my name is Teri. I'm addicted to carbs. But none has passed mine lips! Uuuuntil tonight... at which time I had a bean and cheese quesadilla. (For those of us who grew up close to a border with Mexico know that cheese quesadilla is redundant... but I digress...) So, THAT brought me to this, as a SoCal girl born and raised there are 3 things that my cupboard is rarely bare of: tortillas, frijoles refritos and cheese oh-so-glorious cheese.

Ya know, it sounded totally more entertaining in my head earlier.

So yeah. Hi.

O's, X's and !'s