Thursday, October 19, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge #2

Auntie Jude will be happy to see that this does not portray feet in any way, shape or form. And if we could never, ever mention that other thing you compared it to, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

As you might have ascertained, I'm not super enthusiastic about this month's topic. I do like the idea of it, but when it comes to the execution, not so much. Could just be where I am right now, metaphorically speaking. So, I decided to avoid physical me.

Self Portrait #2 - Imperfection
This is my bathroom doorway. The masterbath was our first project so it has a couple of issues. Despite those, it is still gorgeous. Nantucket inspired with dark floors (laid at an angle, thank you very much Most Talented Spouse), white beadboard wainscot, lovely jetted soaking tub, and Custom Paint By Moi. Depending on the light, it is alternately like being under water or under the sky. The door needed to be replaced and that resulted in the above pictured peeling paint. At first I was kinda bummed, but it's been growing on me. It's rather Grey Gardens-esque. Without the cat pee smell.


s@bd said...

sounds heavenly
(the bathroom, not the cat pee smell)

jude said...

I am so deeply grateful, beloved much so that during my morning meditation, I used your name as a mantra. I'm not sure how to interpret what I experienced, but it was...interesting.

All teasing aside, I love this image...makes a lovely abstract. I'd love to see more. Please?

Teri M. said...

s@bd: I love it. :)
(the bathroom, not cat pee)

Jude: Aaaaw, I'm touch. I think. And I would be happy to see what other images I could coax from my bathroom walls.

Mama P said...

The fanciest homes in Israel always have cracks in prominent places in the first room: the ceiling, the wall... the idea is to leave it alone because nothing is more powerful than God. I love that idea. It keeps me from getting too anal over things that happen, like door slams! Nice bathroom. And nice photos. 'Thanks for sharing.

Teri M. said...

I love that idea! Thanks for passing it along. :)

Mel said...

Teri!!!!! The person we were talking about in my comments was NOT YOU!
It was some heifer that trolled Jennster's site.
You are awesome, and I would never diss you without first e-mailing you to say "Dude, what's up?"

Teri M. said...

WHEW... ya scared me there, for a second. lol

meno said...

That pictures appeals to me.

Sorry, it's late.

Teri M. said...

Well, it's not that late here and I still giggled.