Friday, October 20, 2006

Photobooth Friday #10 Surprise, Surprise!

Yay for me! Whilst (don't you just loooove that word? I do.) pawing through my vintage photo stash looking for a picture of a sleeping baby/babies (to no avail), I came across a couple more photobooth pictures! Hurrah! Ok. I think I'm done with the exclamation points.

Isn't she lovely??
Photobooth Friday #10
Such a sweet smile and pretty, flowery frock. Unfortunately there is no documentation on the back, which means we'll have to make something up.

Whilst (there it is again) I work on my first commission, y'all check out my Photobooth Friday Chicas:
hula seventy Photobooth Mother To Us All (Go, go now!)
Woof Nanny
Nessie Noodle

Check back later for additional links! (ok, it's later now.) (Ack - the exclamation point just snuck in there! Oh no! Another one! THEY'VE GONE MAAAAAD!) (Heh. Sorry.)

Ok, ok, here's the commission story: A woman came in the stamp store that runs the artisan gallery were I have some of my "work". She was looking for a stamp that says "Please don't ring doorbell, children sleeping". Which to any of our knowledge doesn't exist. Because the customer wanted to put it on her security door and remove it when it wasn't needed, the store owner suggested a magnet. I didn't actually meet the woman, so I'm flyin' solo on style here. I was going to do something shabby chic vintage, but then realized that it needed to be bright enough to be noticed. When I'm done I'll post a picture. Here goes nothin'!


s@bd said...

FULLY looking forward to seeing that magnet.

If my kids actually woke up when the doorbell rang, I'd buy one.

Mandy Klevenski said...

Great idea! I'm sick of taping odd pieces of paper over the doorbell button. That looks so tacky! I bet a lot of people would like that kind of sign . ;)

Teri M. said...

s@bd: Thanks. :) I'm way going out on a limb, since I didn't actually talk to the lady. Ya think 5-1/2x8-1/2 is too big?
Ya, apparently my kid only wakes up when I go in her room in the middle of the night to turn down the music. (I need an eye roll icon.)

Mandy: Guess who's going to get it if she doesn't like it? :D (That is, if YOU like it.)

Auntie Jude said...

Cool idea...but my immediate thought was: "And how easy it would be to steal."

Hopefully only principled people will come to her door.

hannah m. said...

im baaaaaaack!......yay for me...yes you do wake me up...stop.

Teri M. said...

Auntie Jude: Yeah... I wasn't too sure how to address that. Part of why it would have been better if I could have actually spoken with her.


Mama P said...

I love that little fifties girl. I'm thinking... how neat would it be if someone out of the blue found your site and then shrieked "Oh my god, all my pictures were burned in a deli fire in 1949 and then I found this relic - the only one from my childhood! Bla bla bla!!!!" And then you'd be on Oprah and all famous like and then EVERYONE would buy your magnets, the most popular one being "Don't wake bother me, I'm too busy getting primped for OPRAH!!!!!!"

Teri M. said...

That would be sooo cool! Being on Oprah?? All my troubles would be over. OVER. ;) Actually, my mom and I started a blog for that very thing, but I've been a total hoser and haven't done anyting on it. Yet. I should. ::sigh::

hannah m. said...

oprahs fat. seriously.

LeS said...

This is priceless. I have yet to stumble upon my vintage 'finds' as photobooths go. She is perfect!

Teri M. said...

H-bug: Not anymore, child. Sheesh. AND your pudgy mama takes a bit of offense at that remark.

LeS: Isn't she gorgeous? I've gotten so lucky - the ones I have came in lots that I bought. It was a total fluke!