Monday, September 18, 2006

Uh... Couldn't Come Up With A Clever Title. With Pictures. Sweet.

I'm makin' stuff! Yay me! I'm making business card size collage magnets to sell at the artisan gallery where I have a few cards for sale. Looky:Magnets 4 Sale (the bottom one isn't finished)
As you can see, I'm really lovin' the washi paper. Oooh, and also, a birthday card:
Butterfly Birthday
I'm on a roll.
And, ALSO, here's where I was on Friday:

Ok, that's all the pictures. (and as (sort of) usual, click on the pic to see it biggah)

So, I woke up this morning with an urgent pressure on the inner wall of my bladd...oh wait, no, that's not what I was going to say. Heh. Ok, ok, seriousness for a sec... I woke up this morning and felt that it was imperative when fall and winter finally saunter our way that I be prepared. I am determined to purge and organize this place during the next couple of days, so that I don't have to continually stress about all the cleaning and organizing I should be doing. And I know that I have a lifetime of really, rAHEally amazing art supplies that, if I could get to them, I would be using like mad. This means that I'm taking a non-lazy, announced break from Blahging for a few days. And ::gulp:: Bloglines. So, starting retroactively since Friday, I won't be reading and commenting until I have regained some control of my mess environmenthouse. I just didn't want you, my Interweb Friends, to think I was ignoring you and your insightful, witty, poignant, funny selves. Of course, when I do come back I foresee a 24 hour period where there will be nothing but catching up on reading and commenting. Should be fab. ::breathing into paper bag::
Oh, but I do have a question for you. Looking at the two magnets that I've actually finished - would you spend $2 on one? Honestly. No blowin' sunshine up my, er, skirt.

I guess that's it for now. See you in a few days. Hugs and air-kisses to all.


s@bd said...

I would TOTALLY spend $2 on those. (Are you sure you're actually making $$ at that price?)

And, too bad you won't be around cuz ... I'm singing on my blog.

No joke.

But, you won't get to hear it until you get back.

Jenni said...

LOVE them! And only $2?

I'd say at LEAST $5-8.


LOVE the last one. I'm all about cherry blossoms.

Good luck with the organization!

bobealia said...

2$ is cheap for sure... but it depends what kind of show you are in in terms of going up. I think you should at least sell them for $2.50 or $3.
Great work!!! Happy organization! Come back soon.

meno said...

I wouldn't buy one, but only because we have this stupid fancy stainless steel fridge that magnets are useless upon.

I second (third) the folks who think they are too cheap, i'd go for $5.

Lena said...

Honestly? I think you can get more than $2. I LOVE the one that you claim is unfinished. Perfect as is.

Enjoy your break! And hurry back!

Mama P said...

I thought the 2 dollars was part of your retro magnet thingy. Are you nuts? 2 bucks? If you sell them that cheap, people will think there's something wrong with them. 5.00 at least, or 2 for 8. If they want personalized, then 9.00 each with a one week turn around, free shipping. I am going to reiterate a quote from my blog, and I'm also emailing it to you in case NOW is the time you choose to go off line (good for you, but not good for your magnet empire). "You know what you get in this life? I'm a real big believer about this: what you get in this life, at the most, is what you ask for. Think about it: you've got a car for sale and you say, 'I'm putting this car on the market for ten thousand dollars. The most you're gonna get is ten thousand dollars. Do you think somebody's gonna drive by and go, 'tell you what, I think that's a really nice car. I think I'll give you twelve?' If you ask for nothing, you get nothing."

Mama P said...

And irony of all irony, as I posted that last diatribe, it turns out that the middle part of the code word was D U H. As in "should Teri ask for more than 2 bucks? DUUUUH."

jude said...

I agree with mama p...don't under-price your work, Teri. Especially if you offer customized items.

I'd suggest you estimate the cost of raw materials and development time for each item, then do a little market research...take a look at what similar or comparative items are going for in fairly upscale shops, and price yours accordingly.

Biggest mistake newbies to the art market can do is to under-value their work.

Jen said...

OK, I'm going to sort of echo everyone else. $2 is too cheap.

You can't get a decent mass-produced (i.e. non-uniqe, same-as-the-next-guy's) magnet for only $2. And yours, they are works of art which will be enjoyed far more than those mass-produced things that are cluttering many of our refrigerators.

I like what Mama P has to say regarding asking for what you want and then maybe be flexible if someone wants to negotiate a different price.

Katherine said...

If I had a frig that the magnets would actually stick to (who knew magnets don't stick to stainless steel???) I would absolutely pay $2. You should do some "Thank You" cards - people always need those on hand. That's what I send second only to bday cards...Hurry up and get organized, I'm gonna miss ya.

Katherine said...

BTW, I think I'll just stop by every day to leave you a comment telling you to hurry up with the organizing of the crap!

NCE said...

I agree with momma P. You should not undersell your talent. I bought plain magnets at the New Market reenactment for $6-$12 and thought it was fair. Yours are at least that good. Better actually, because the are not mass produced.

Teri M. said...

s@bd: Awwww, man... can' wait to hear!!!
(how was your birthday?)

Jenni: Isn't that paper just the sweetest? I only bought one piece, but I'm going to have to go back for more. And thanks for the input. I'm trying to be realistic on the pricing and finding it difficult.

Bo: these first ones are going to be in a small, local artisan gallery. Which might be one reason why I'm having difficulty on this whole pricing thing. I know that it will mostly be "regular" (aka financially challenge) people, like me going into the store. ::sigh:: "See" ya soon. :)

Meno: Oddly enough, we have the same problem. My husband is happy, though, because our old fridge was completely covered with stuff! Thanks for the input. :)

Lena: I so love that paper. And that's a good idea - to offer some that are just beautiful paper...hmm... Thanks :)

Mama P: Ok. OK. sheesh. ::cue Teri sheepishly laughing::

Jude: I had been thinking about offering personalization - it appeals to me more and more. Pricing is definitely an area where I'm having issues. Between you, me and Teh Interweb, the prices that some of the people expect to get on the items in the gallery here make me cringe. I'm planning on doing some deep Etsy recon this weekend to get a more accurate picture.

Jen: Ooo, you know how I hate negotiating. It's why I won't have yard sale. lol ;)

Katherine: We have that problem, too! Thank You cards are a good idea. I've been thinking about making some sets, and that would be a good place to start.
Hmmm... maybe I should be gone longer just to see what you come up with comment-wise. lol

eastcoastlife said...

Hello Teri!
I think your magnets are pretty. I would pay $2 for one.