Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

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Thirteen books and/or authors that I read over and over again.

I am a voracious reader. My mother read us the entire Little House on the Prairie series when I was 5 or 6. I still have the first book that was my very own. (The name escapes me, but when I find it I'll post it because it is a fabulous book.) I have spent many a happy hour immersed in times and lands and galaxies far, far away.

1. C.S. Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia I was given this series when I was 9, and have read it all at least 30 times. Yeah, I love it.

2. Terry Pratchett - Mainly his Discworld Series I have always loved sly, subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) British humor. This guy is a master. I could gush on and on and on. But I've got a time crunch here, so I won't. But really. He's the best.

3. Patricia A. McKillip - You'll see a fantasy/Sci-Fi trend here. I get lost in the worlds this woman creates, they are so vivid. If I had to choose, my two favorites would be Winter Rose and Ombria in Shadow. But don't make me pick.

4. Joan D. Vinge - The Snow Queen Obviously story is the most important aspect of a book, but atmosphere is a big reason why I'll read one more than once. The world in this book relies heavily on the sea, which I love.

5. Tad Williams - I recommend Tailchaser's Song and the Otherland series.

6. The Time Traveler's Wife - I've read this twice, so far, and I cried harder the second time. To call it an achingly poignant love story wouldn't do it justice. Warning: it has some rated R moments.

(Intermission: I have to be somewhere at 2pm, so for now I'm not going to link the rest. I might come back later to do it.)

7. Ray Bradbury - particularly Dandelion Wine, The Illustrated Man and The Martian Chronicles. The man is a master.

8. James Herriot - All Creatures Great and Small and the others that came after. Another series that colored my childhood and completed my transformation into a rather young anglophile.

9. Guy Gavriel Kay - All his books, but especially Tigana. In fact, I'm going to start it again today.

10. Anne McCaffrey - The Dragonrider Series My freshman Honors English teacher introduced me to some fine fantasy/Science Fiction and this series is one of the best.

11. Soul String by Midori Snyder - When I was younger my dad worked for a newspaper and would come home with boxes full of the review books. This was in one of those boxes and I think I've read it at least 5 times. Atmosphere + Story = Multiple Read!

12. Ellen Gilchrist - She writes about the sometimes wretchedness of humans and the human condition with compassion and a certain gold tinged nostalgia.

13. Vladimir Nabokov - especially Ada or Ardor, Pale Fire and Lolita. This man was the reigning master of luminous prose.

Well, there you have it. This time I went the "deep insights into my soul" route. If I do it again, I'll try to go for the funny. ;)

(whoops - forgot to say: This autolink is for Thursay Thirteens, this time)

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bobealia said...

Besides #1 Narnia Series and # 6 Time Traveller's Wife, I haven't read the rest. Thanks for giving me some potential new material. When I was reading Time Traveller's Wife, I kept getting distracted by holes in the concept. I'd yell, "Wait! That's not possible!" etc. I did however want to name my firstborn Alba for a long time afterward. My father read me all of the Narnia's. I LOVEd them! I always forget that I like fantasy sci-fi, but I really do. Have you ever read Ursula LeGuin? I liked her too.
Thanks for being a good sport and playing along:0)

Teri M. said...

I am a hardcore believer in "suspension of disbelief" (and denial, but that's beside the point.) Oooo, I love Ursula LeGuin - she's another one that I started reading my freshmen year. I just re-read the Earthsea Cycle.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Tracie said...

I have read quite a few of these, and I am going to have to check out the ones I haven't heard of. I am all about reading and rereading books!

My TT is up!

Teri M. said...

Tracie - I always love turning people on to new books. Hope you come back and let me know if you liked any of them!

Thanks for stopping by.

Raggedy said...

I loved #1 too!
My TT is up

Katherine said...

Loved the Little House on the Prairie and the CS Lewis' series too! And Nabokov's books. Started reading the Time Traveler's Wife and never really got into it. I'll have to go back and try again now that you've recommended it.

Kimmy said...

You had a wonderful mom! Every child should read the Little House series... and every mother should start reading them to their daughters (and sons). Great books! I still have my set from childhood.

C.S. Lewis... one of my favorite authors!

Happy (belated) T13!
My list is posted, too!

LeS said...

I'm going straight out to get Time Traveler's Wife for my trip next week. Thank you thank you!

I owe you SO MANY thank you emails and have been a neglectful blog buddy as of late. So sorry and thank you once again for the book and your ever diligent lovely comments :)

Your bud,

bobealia said...

I'm tired of seeing pics of Matthew McConnowhatever and Josh Whosawhat or Nate Blahblah blah. So, I took it upon myself, to treat me and you to fine eye dining of my favorite sort. Come by for a course of Tobey McGuire. Yummy!

Mama P said...

You make me want to read. I used to be an avid reader myself and it's time to get back into it. Top 13? Any Tales of the City by Maupin, anything Anne Tyler, anything Amy Tan, Christopher Moore, Bronte, the Harry Potter series, Helen Fielding, a random book called Playing Away, Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress... like I said, I am mostly a boring best sellers, Oprah club reader these days, but your list encourages me to make time for that pleasure.

Teri M. said...

Raggedy: thanks for stopping by!

Katherine: I'm a big sucker for totally improbably love stories. Let me know if you liked it better on the second try!

Kimmy: Thanks for stopping by! Yep, my mom is great and I seem to have passed on the love of reading to my own daughter.

LeS: Let me know how you like it. It definitely stretches the suspension of disbelief muscles, but for me it was worth it. :) Silly - no worries, we all just do what we can, when we can. :*

Bo: ::sigh:: That was great.

MamaP: Well, you are slightly busier than I am! Hey, whatcha like to read, is whatcha like to read. I see book choices like movie choices, sometimes you go for edification, sometimes purely for entertainment and escape. Either is legit. ;)

Pendullum said...

I just wondered over to your photo montage at Flickr...
They are great!
Love the old shots and the joourney of you...
Would love to see an updated shot of you and your chef husband now...

bobealia said...

girlfrien' do I have to send you another meme?

bobealia said...

btw, if you want me to lay off, just let me know...

Mandy Klevenski said...

I love the Narnia books as well and have read them over and over and over. I was thrilled when they decided to make a movie, although it was waaaay to scary to show Johnny.

I think I read every one of McCaffrey's Dragonrider books ... the White Dragon was my favorite of those. Remember the video game? LOL! I liked the Crystal Singer trilogy even more though and was totally distracted during the day at work wondering what was going to happen in the relationship plot next when I could get home to read some more. Great escapism, although I did eventually lose interest in her work.

I'm such a sucker for a nice happy story without too much conflict or cheating partners or angst. I mean what the heck is escaping to another reality for if not to substitute your own with one that is better, happier and less stressful? Just call me milk toast. He he.

P.S. So that is the origin of Tigana, eh? ;)

Mandy Klevenski said...

Just noticed the photo montage ... boy that takes me back! Love the photos from our high school days. You hot chiquita you! Enjoyed seeing the photo of Peter, Scott & Graham. Too funny! Those were some fun times! (happy sigh of reminiscing). ;)

s@bd said...

1. yes. me too.
3. dunno 'er
4. - 7., 11. - 13. ummm ... do they write books for children? cuz otherwise, i probably won't check them out for 6 or 7 years (give or take)
8. lovely choice
9. cannot get enough of his stuff. CAN. NOT. Fionavar Tapestry is my fav. (LOVE all the UofT-area references.)
10. not my fav. gotta admit.

bobealia said...

Hey, do you know what day it is?
It's wednesday.
Do you know what day you last posted?
I'll give you a hint:
it's in the title of this post.
Are you going to BlogHer? If you are, I'm going to feel SO left out.

Teri M. said...

Pendullum: Thanks! I had fun doing it. Current photos? Um, well, um, actually during the intervening years I was turned into a vampire and darn it, wouldn't you know - I don't show up on film. Yeah. That's it. ::cough::

Mandy: I definitely love me a happy ending, but sometimes I don't mind the ones that make me cry.
Hey - do you know if you have any pictures of us? I've only found, like, one and it's not that great. Those were the days, my friend. :)

S@bd: Ok, to avoid writing book (ha!) in my comments - 1st: I so heart Terry Pratchett. I was going to see him at a book signing for Thud!, but other events interfered. I was bummed. I mean, really, how cool would that have been? 2nd: Guy is so amazing. When The Last Light of the Sun came out I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. Silly me. He hasn't disappointed me yet. And he's got a new one coming out in Jan '07 AND Warner Bros is renewing their option for the Lions of Al-Rassan and WOW, I'm showing the world what a sad little geek I am, aren't I? (so much for short answer)

Mandy Klevenski said...

I'm sure I have some ... up in my Spare Oom where eternal clutter reigns around the dusty city of War Drobe ... (snicker) ... yeah, I've got some deep in the bowels of my closet in the junk room. I'll have to wade through and pull out my photo boxes from the closet. I know I have a couple of us as the 3 muscateers. Final Fatigue, ISSL and such. I'll email what I can find. ;)

bobealia said...

I came here twice today, just so ya know... and nothing changed while I was gone.
I hope you had a fun weekend. We actually turned on the AC yesterday for the first time 'cause we were melting.

hannah m. said...

what hilarious photo of Peter, Scott and Graham?

Me want to see!

archshrk said...

HOpe you're into these things too...
You are hereby tagged for the Book Meme.
Answer the questions, post to your site, and tag 5 others.

Teri M. said...

Mandy: Hee! Funny girl. And, holy cow, could that kid be any cuter??

Bo: I'm slackin' already. :/ Yay for air, though!

H-bug: Pipe down, kid.

Arch: I'm off to check it out!