Thursday, June 15, 2006

Where I Reveal How Windows Inept I Can Be. But Also Dazzle You With My Eclectic Musical Taste.

And that was my entry for Longest. Title. Ever.

The ineptitude part? I tried to make a screen shot of my very first iTunes iMix. To no avail, as I'm sure you've guessed, what with the lack of picture and all. Anyway, while you wait in anticipation for tomorrow's big airing of my ::ahem:: dirty laundry, (and if you have iTunes. Sorry to those who don't. I don't know what to tell you) please check out my iMix!

Velvet Vox's Music to Create Art By

Yup. Exciting stuff. And just so's you know: I look at ya'lls Flickr in slideshow format while listening to #44. I can't hear that song enough. And I sit in my office and sing #43 over and over again. I'm a chronic song repeater.

Am I the only one addicted to other people's Flickr? Should I have maybe kept that to myself?

Will someone tell Blogger's spellcheck that "ineptitude" is a word.

Is so.


archshrk said...

"ineptitude" the very word I was looking for to describe blogger's spell check skills.

I went to check out you iMix but got distracted by something else. (see my blog) but i'll get back to it later.

Did you solve the screen capture problem yet?

Teri M. said...

I must concur. Really, how difficult is it to get a comprehensive spell check program? And I keep using the "learn" button. But it never learns.

Alas, I have given up on screen capture for the evening. I might try again tomorrow.

Moo said...

*HUUUUG* I am TOTALLY a flickr stalker and I very rarely even leave comments because I feel like I'm weird for loving their pictures so much but yes.. LOVE IT!! I shall join you in that weirdness... as for the comments you left me... firstly.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH and *HUG* AND apparently all diaryland diaries have a RSS feed and it's just the url but with .rss on the end.. I've never used it (don't tell anyone but I totally don't know what it is or how it works.. I understand in theory but I've SEEN it) anyway yes I think we shall be firm internetbuddies!! YIPEEEEEEEE xxx

Jenni said...

Wait, am I missing out on this flickr thing?

It sounds nice and distracting...sign me up!

Oh, and to add comment to your last post, although Earl Grey cannot "techinaclly" make your head explode, it can lead up to activities that can. Just an FYI.

Jen said...

OK Teri, first of all spell checkers universally need to be revamped. I am forever trying to get the MS Word one to accept words that exist in my world. They are common engineering terms that are in fact in the dictionary and are spelled correctly in the docs I edit. Does this matter? Apparently not.

Secondly, what is a flikr? You know me, I'm behind the curve on all this stuff.

And finally, Jenni, you are the first person I've met that spells your nickname "correctly"! I'm a Jenni too!

Teri M. said...

Moo: I'm sure this is human nature, but I want to say it "Moooooooooooooooo" like that soccer (I mean football ;-D) guy's "Gooooooooooal!" Hee. I shall just check on you the old fashioned way. :-)

Jenni(who is not my SIL - lol): flickr is a fabulous waste of time, especially if you can add a little soundtrack to it. The key is to find people with great pics!

I suppose my brief comment orgy was my head virtually exploding onto other people's blawgs. Hope I didn't scare them.

Jen(who is my SIL)Ok, I'm not sure that your complaint counts, though - crazy engineering words and what not. ;-)

flickr is a Yahoo site that hosts pictures. You can organize them, etc. Check out my little flickr box to the right---->

Jess Riley said...

I love Flickr, too. And how cute is that lil' picture of you?!?!

And there will be dirty laundry in the future? Oooh, do tell!

Teri M. said...

Thanks Jess! Yup. It's scary.