Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey strangers

Well, good morning. I know, I know... I gave you all these posts and then.... nuthin'. I don't have the excuse that I've been mega busy or anything. It's pure, unadulterated laziness. Plus I wasn't feeling particularly clever. Not that even if I was feeling clever I would actually be clever.

I'm thinking about trying a little AudioBlogging. After all, the blog has "Vox" in the name, and I would hate to be accused of falsely advertising. (That wasn't a reference to the recent firestorm on the blog front regarding weight and significant others - it just fit. But I did snort a little after I typed it.) So, you've got that to dream about. Speaking of, I actually dreamed I was blogging the other night. Is that strange?

Now I must hand out a little blog love: Mama P at PassTheZoloft was kind enough to effusively praise (and rightly so LOL) my kitchen. She has a couple of pics of her remodel in progress, as well. Go check out her gorgeous new tile and her witty and insightful posts. Gotta love the Mama!

Today's pic is one the cards I will be attempting to sell.

Ok, now I've got to get off my patoot and do my "job", i.e., housework. gagsnortcough.

Maybe I'll procrastinate a little later and blab atcha s'more.


quiltin'jen said...

OK, first of all I think you are "clever" to recognize that some people think they are "clever" or are being "clever" when in reality they aren't. However, my favorite S-I-L, YOU are clever! :-)

Secondly, does everyone know what Vox is? I do, but that is only due to the connection to your hubby and his occupation. For those of you who don't know - Vox is an audio/visual techie term for Voice. OK, so now everyone knows.

Teri M. said...

It helps that I'm your ONLY SIL. (And I'll slip ya that ten bucks later for the PR.)


Virenda said...

LOL, the things my husband talks about are in those kind of terms, hyphenated or whatever it's called. Actually it's funny to hear him talk about work and the things his company bought because I swear to you 90% of it is just letters that make no sense.

He's special. ~wink~

Please don't remind me of the fact that my house is a disgusting MESS! ~sigh~ I have so much laundry to do...

Okay, well hope things go quickly for you and see ya later alligator.

Teri M. said...

Vi: w/my husband he's got so many different people and companies he works with that I finally told him he's gonna hafta make me a list to keep track!

Yeah, do you think I actually cleaned anything today? HA. Maybe tomorrow? ;-)

quiltin'jen said...

OK, isn't there some kind of rule about discussing, much less thinking about housework? My place is horrible right now and the only way to make it better is to first make it so much worse. I am not looking forward to this weekend!

Teri M. said...

Well, I'm about to brave the wilds of H's room so that we can put the old TV stand under her bed (it's a platform bed, for all you who wonder) and so she can have some clean clothes. ::SIGH:: The child is going to give me a brain cloud. (Movie? Anyone? Anyone can guess the reference and you get a big blog hurrah. ;-) Jen, you're disqualified, cuz I'm pretty sure you know it.)

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

Hi again,
Are you going to be selling them as gift cards? It looks much to precious. I think you should frame 'em and sell 'em as separate pieces. I don't know, how much money is to be made in the handmade gift card business? Maybe lots?
I would have thought it the deep depths of my mind that VOX meant voice-over-somethingorratheridunnowhat.
Back to work for me. I'm teaching Photoshop privately right now and it is hard to stay organized and on track.

Teri M. said...

Jessica: I'll probably do some just art pieces but in the case of this card it's actually only 4-1/4" x 5-1/5" and I buy quite a bit of my vintage stuff in lots on eBay (yeah, I got addicted!) so I get really good deals. Also, if I really love a picture, I'll use a photocopy instead of the original. I'll probably need to get a little faster to really make some money. In the meantime, it's a good cover story to feed my vintage pic obsession. ;-)
Teaching Photoshop? That's cool! I could really use that. Good luck, and I'm comin' over to check you out. :-)

Teri M. said...

Jessica: whoops, check you out again, I mean... sometime my brain detaches from my body and takes unsupervised walks! sheesh

Mama P said...

That is a beautiful card. Is that a random person from an Ebay lot or family member? I am assuming the former and I completely get the fascination with old photos. It's like trying to figure out their story. Even more interesting is you learn about other people's personalities when they give their opinion of the piece. Example: I might say she looks hunched over and is about to drop a stink bomb from eating too many potatoes during the Ireland famine in the 20's, but someone else might call her a sad bride or a maid. Hmmmmm. Love the artwork. You have serious talent. (now expect some more emails... I'm just catching up as my kids run naked in the back yard in the blow up pool)

Teri M. said...

Yep, random. And thanks for the visual. LOL

Weeeee running naked in the backyaaaaard - FUN!