Thursday, March 23, 2006

And today, in my fascinating life...

Whew... three posts yesterday. I was on a roll.

I have spent most of today wrestling with the scanner from H E Double Hockey Sticks. According to The Spouse (hereafter referred to as "D."), it's something to do with how it's set up in the network. Yes, people, I said network. We reside in an 1800 sf, 3 bedroom, two bath ranch style home (with the afore mentioned fantastical kitchen). We have a total of FIVE computers. Not including the touchpad tablet PC The Girl (hereafter referred to as "H.") has for school. (school provided, thank you very much.) We have a server. This makes it possible for all of us to use the printer, the all-in-one printer/fax/Satan spawned scanner and the soon to be added large format printer (ok, well, that's for business, but whatever) and to steal music from each other's computers. We are hopelessly addicted to technology. We live with a constant electrical buzz. OH, and the fish tank in the hall, and the refrigerator and AND AND... I've gotta open up my Itunes and drown it all out. ::wooosaaaa::

Hmmm... it would appear that I subscribe to the free association school of blogging.

Now off to figure out what's for dinner. D. is in NYC this week and has informed me that he's going to Greenwich Village for pizza tonight. All blase and whatnot. He even said "Whatevah." Yeah, well, I've got a date with a Healthy Choice frozen dinner and this week's double episode of "Related".

So there.

And maybe I'll stay up til the wee hours reading about html code, so you don't have to suffer too much through my growing pains.

nighty night.

p.s. The picture doesn't really relate to anything in my post. It's just there because I think it's beautiful. And because I can.


Mama P said...

I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with your writing or your kitchen. How is that while I'm blogging about my kitchen renovation and getting my checkerboard diner tile I get connected to you with the most perfect kitchen in the universe? Now I MUST come vist in San Diego. But only if you serve coffee. In that fabulous kitchen. And allow rug rats. I might leave my children, but never will I leave that kitchen. You got style!!!!

hannah said...

i didn't know our scanner was spawned from Satan

Teri M. said...

Oh, my darling child, I try to keep these things from you.

Mama P: I sent you a super secret message. ;-) Gotta love the Mama P!

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

oh no! Your spawn have located your blog! You need a pseudonym now!
I'm with you on the tech-geek thing.
My husband and I are outfitted and we have a wireless router and the whole bit too (just, we don't own a house or a car or anything else for that matter). Sometimes I don't know how people don't live without these things - honestly. My husband and I were living in the Caribbean last year and I was joking that you can take away my TV, my stereo, my etc. BUT don't take away my computer and internet and my husband lovingly pointed out that it is because I have ALL those things in my computer w/ internet.
Do you have the Apple Express? It's the greatest. You can play your iTunes wirelessly from anywhere in the house. -sigh-
love your id pic

Teri M. said...

Jessica: And she's such a brat, too. ;-)
Wireless router - Aaaa! Us, too! LOL, soon we'll be living in a Ray Bradbury story where the computer is the house and it rocks us to sleep.
Apple Express, huh? I'll hafta check it out.

R. Robyn said...

Oh how I'm missing California. So I will live vicariously through you. Italy will have to do for now. If you love love love clouds, check out my flickr page (link on my site) I have some beautiful ones from Venice.

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Yeah, the first few times you are able to successfully post pix and hyperlinks are lovely ones, indeed.

Virenda said...

LOL, girl I have a computer NERD as a husband so I know all about having the hummm of computers run through out the house. ~sigh~

Let's put it this way, instead of a radio,or a picture frame he wants PC tablets everywhere. Yeah, which is a good idea, sort of. I kind of like the whole wood picture frame thing. We have servers and a computer just for the firewall and of course things are always being messed with and updated and torn apart. I just know I'm going to get some weird form of cancer.

LOL, I just get on my laptop and play music to drown it out, or cartoons. YES. cartoons on ALL. day. long. That's great. sigh.

Oh those frozen meals are harsh. I ate those things for 2 years straight and NOW I'm burnt out. No more frozen chicken w/ spinach cream sauce.

Please tell me your not into HTML? ARE you a nerd too?

quiltin'jen said...

mama p - Not only does her kitchen serve coffee, it makes it all by itself! ;-) Well, maybe with a little help. After all, the kitchen is still a baby.

virenda - Don't worry about the cancer thing, when the computers finally do take over they will have cured cancer.

Teri M. said...

R.: I'm blind with jealousy! I've been twice, now. Once w/the grandparents when I was 17 and one with my husband in Oct. 2002. We are planning another trip in the next couple of years. I even bought the Rosetta Stone program to learn Italian. ::sigh!!:: I'll be heading over to your Flickr ASAP.

Idle: It's the little things that make me happy. :-)

Vi: Yeah... microchip growing out of our foreheads, me thinks. I have to admit, I love those picture things. Don't have one, but it's on the list. As far as HTML is concerned, I'm just frontin'. I know a couple of things, but that it!

Jen knows what she's talking about, even though she doesn't drink my coffee. :-)