Monday, January 29, 2007

From The Trenches - A Thrilling Account. Ha. I Crack Me Up.

Actually from the warehouse. Thusly, this will be my first post since the very beginning that is sans photo accompaniment. And it's going to be short because A) I'm at work and B) my fingers are frozen. All of me is frrrrozzzzzen. We're getting polished concrete on the first floor, where my office will be, so until that's done I can't set my office up and we can't get to the stairs until which every layer they are doing to day is dry.

Did I mention that I'm frrrrreeeezzzzzzing?

Obviously I haven't gotten back into the Swing Of Blahging, but I'm trying. I spent most of the weekend out and about with my SIL and catching up on Men in Trees. So no blog reading either. Sawwy! Also we've only got one vehicle right now. Not that I'm going to whine about it, because duh things could be a thousand times worse, but good grief, it ain't easy for a two job household with a ::sob::teenager::sob:: to have one car! In the spirit of sharing, the story is this: due to a problem that apparently VW knew about, my car needs a new engine. You can imagine that it's something that isn't in our current budget. So we wait for help from VW/the dealer from which we have purchased 3 vehicles, now. I'm thinking it's time for one or both of them to step up to the plate. I'll keep you updated.

Ech... I can't get to the restroom right now either! Grrrr! My teeth are floating. (Don't you just love free association blogging?)

Ok, I'm going to sign off because my frost bitten fingers are making more typos than not.

Hugs, etc...


Katherine said...

Hi, good to hear from ya! Good luck with the job and getting a new, gasp, engine!!

Teri M. said...

Thanks :)
(ok, really... I'm going to bed now!)

Bobealia... said...

You know what sucks?
I'm freezing and I'm in my own apartment.

Teri M. said...

Bo: That DOES suck. :( Wish I could send you and Virtual Blanket. :)