Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tales From An Episcopalian Craft Fair

Created for Craft Fair

Wow... does it feel like midnight to anyone else? And no fair answering in the affirmative if you are in the Eastern Time Zone. Up at 4:45am tomorrow but then 3 full, glorious days off. (Not so glorious for my bank account, but I will have to work my first Saturday weekend after this and it will even all out.) I am going to apologize ahead of time if I start to ramble unintelligibly or boring, er, ly. In a nutshell, the craft fair was rather small, but the table was only $25 and the proceeds from the table fee and any donations are going towards the church's Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. It was held in what we Southern Baptists call the Fellowship Hall. (I don't know what Episcopalians call it.) One, um, shall we say unfortunate thing was that it smelled like sauerkraut. Now, I have always loved sauerkraut (yes, even as a child), but it's not the most attractive odor. It was made from scratch and rather delicious, still, I'm thinking that maybe it should be kept outside next time. Saturday was pretty dead but thanks to my SIL's foresight we brought things to work on. Sunday was a little busier as parishioners came in after services. We made enough to pay for the table and have a little to split. Plus one very nice lady, and our biggest customer, bought a card I made there with a vintage image (genius here forgot to take a picture) and said that she was going to send it to her granddaughter who has started a linens business and the lovely lady thought that since I offered custom orders her granddaughter might be interested in commissioning some thank you notes to send to clients. Fingers crossed! Jenni made some beautiful hand painted Christmas cards that the same lady snatched up. In fact, they are what lured her to buy. Yay for Jenni!

::cue awkward segue:: The picture above features some of the cards I made for the event. You, as always, can click on it to see it up close and personal. I think I'm getting closer to opening the Esty store. And, thanks to one who shall be recognized later, I even have a name for it. Now I'm going to take the trash cans out to the street and then collapse into my bed.
Sweet dreams my darlings.

Friday morning update: News Flash! I'm A Bonehead! Got to work this morning to discover that what I thought was an "a" after the 6 was actually a "p". Obviously Ms. Attention To Detail here needs to watch her p's and a's. Badumpbump. I'm going back to bed. I will however post a photobooth photo later, because I found one that is supah cool and must be shared.


s@bd said...

seriously? SO nice.

and get some sleep.

archshrk said...

OK, I so need to get you together with my wife and her friends. They're getting together Saturday (near you actually) if you're looking for things to do.

Katherine said...

Sauercrap - gack. Good for you at the fair! I hope something works out between you and the lady's daughter - how cool would that be. Oh and, the fact that she may want thank you notes, yes uh, who FIRST mentioned the need for that item to you? huh huh huh. Keep us posted!

jude said...

Beautiful stuff, as always, Sweetness.

Teri M. said...

s@bd: Thanks :) Good thing I was able to get back to sleep!

arch: Ok... don't tell her, but The Spawn is at the desert with our neighbors and I'm planning on tackling her room this Saturday. Fun, huh?

Katherine: I love it, but it's not how I want the space I'm working in to smell. YOU did! You totally called it. ;)

Jude: Thank you, Auntie. :)

Mama P said...

How do you like your job? Beautiful work on your cards. Can you get your store to feature some or are they too corporate with their policy?

DebbieS said...

Beautiful cards! The collage style is my favorite kind to make, too, or was, back in the good old days when I had free time =)

Which B&N are you working at? I still have an Italian chocolate bar with your name on it!

bobealia said...

I'm sorry, but that is too funny. How are you liking work? Is it ok?

Teri M. said...

MamaP: It's ok... wouldn't mind a little more money, but I do get the feeling that they might be looking at me for advancement.
Thank you. :) Unfortunately I think that B&N is too corporate, but I suppose it couldn't hurt to ask, right?

Debbie: Thanks :) YUMMY!! I'm at the one in Grossmont Ctr... a little far away. :/

Bo: It's ok... I'm not jumping up and down for joy to be going to work, but it's got potential, plus all those books!