Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Wednesday, Do You Know Where My Wordlessness Is?

Well my darlings, my Best Beloveds (as one of the most fantabulous writers on the face of the planet would say), I have woefully neglected you. I haven't even looked at my Bloglines since last week, which means I have read none of you and am soooo far behind on what is going on in all y'alls' lives. This sad state of affairs will continue on through Sunday, after which I promise to do my best to catch up.
My excuses are twofold. I am a working member of society again. So far mostly only 5 hour days, but starting at 6am is kickin' my gluteous maximus. AND I am preparing for this craft fair thing this weekend. Thanks to all the students working for B&N, it looks as if I will be spared from working weekends. YAY.
As I am a wee bit sleepy, I'm going to cut this short. In honor of All Hallow's Eve yesterday I give you Fidget and Jynx:
Pretty Kitties

Hugs and kisses to all.


archshrk said...

been there, done that.

Of course, now I'm going to have to go to every B&N to meet you since we never got together like we planned. Too bad I don't like books or reading (j/k)

Mama P said...

Ahhh, good luck with the gig. Cute cats. Have a Starbucks from the cafe for me.

meno said...

Pretty kitties!
It takes a while to find your rhythm when you start a new routine. Good luck.

Katherine said...

Yes, you are terribly rude to ignore us! MeeYOW! I suppose we can cut you a little slack. I'm jealous just thinking of you among all those wonderful books - and not having to work weekends - total score, sistah!! Way too cute kitties, although the one on the left looks a little pissy. Or maybe she's just in mid-blink - ya, never know with a cat. Good luck with the craft fair, let us know how it goes!

hannah m. said...

katherine-shes always a lil pooface.

THE KITTAYS...i nameded them


Moo said...

I missed you!!! I've not been around too much either I'm hoplessly neglecting my own BESTEST BELOVEDS but I still think of you often and my comments box mourns you *huuuuuuuuuuuuuugs* loveyou xxx

hannah m. said...

MOO! yay your back!. youre cool.

auntie jude said...

Your "wordlessness"...I think I saw it in the vegetable bin, dear. Behind the woolly kiwis.

Love the kitties...great names.

Teri M. said...

arch: You won't have to go far. That's all I will say. ;)

Mama P: Can you believe it - I've been a very good girl and haven't had one Grande Carmel Macchiatto with whip cream. I did, however, by a book with my employee discount.

meno: Thank you and thank you. It will definitely take me awhile to not be grumpy with 4:45am.

Katherine: And see? The rudeness got worse. Sawwy! It is pretty cool to have access to all those books. And as a bonus I get to make sure they are in the proper order, which as a customer always made me crazy. Unfortunately, I have finally will have to work on a Saturday. The Saturday after next I've been scheduled on a split shift. C'est la vie. The cat on the left is Jynx... Of the two, she'll actually let you pick her up for a minute. Hannah called them "poo-faces" because they are selectively cuddley, unlike the Siamese we had who was a total love. I'll post about the craft fair tomorrow. :)

H-bug: Nice, babe. I think we all named Fidget and you named Jynx.

Moo: Awwww, honey!! I shall visit at the earliest possible chance. XXOOXX!

Auntie J: I thought I smelled something going bad back there. Thank you :)

s@bd said...

miss you.
but understand.