Thursday, October 12, 2006

It's Feet Week!

HAAAHAAHAHAAHAAAAAHAhahaha Oh my. I crack me up. I guess you'll only really get that if you have ever or currently live in a Navy town. If you haven't, trust me, that is punny.
I thought I would share a little of my evening:
(and, of course, if you feel the need to see
a larger size, click on the pic.)

It is the result of having this
Empty fish tank
120 gal. fish tank shoved over the afore-pictured toe. It hurt. I came very close to blurting out a little PG-13 or even R rated language. There was some tearing. And hopping. And Lamaze breathing.
For those of you breathlessly following the remodeling of my living room, here is where the killer tank is going:
Tank stand
which, in turn, is located here:
Living room - painted
where there is new paint and pretty lights and surround sound.

Well, me and Sgt. Hulka With The Big Toe have got to limp over to the grocery store and then get some Excel training. Welcome to my glamorous life.


auntie jude said...

Whatcha' gonna put in it, huh? Huh? Salt water fishes, yes?

I'm sorry...I'm still trembling from all those ...feet... pictures.

And probably a tidge too much coffee.

Katherine said...

Ack! At least you have a nice pedicure - great fall color btw - to show off in the picture. Heck, I barely noticed the gash on your big toe. Wow, your living room looks great with those big windows - can't wait to see the "After" pic.

Teri M. said...

AuntieJ: Yup, salt water fishes 'n' coral 'n' stuff! Ok, I'm done with the feet.

Katherine: I love this color, and of course Mary Kay discontinued it. ::sniff:: It will probably be a while for living room after pics - slowly, but surely!

archshrk said...

Sweet tank. Cant wait to see it finished. It's like 100 Gal. bigger than mine - but I'm not jelious (yes I am)

meno said...

Oooh a big salt water tank in the living room. Now that's cool. And good for your blood pressure too. Unless you drop it on your foot.

bobealia said...

Just think how relaxing the bubbles and fish tank sounds will be.

Teri M. said...

Arch: Thanks. Heh - ours just keep getting bigger and bigger - at some point we might have one like at Sea World or Monterey.

meno: The Spouse is very excited about it (in his laid-back, understated way), and I definitely can't wait to relax on the couch with my own little reef to watch. But, yeah, the toe wasn't too happy with it's first experience with the tank.

Bo: It's gonna great! And I'll bet we end up staring more at it than at the TV. (one can only hope)

NCE said...

Wow the room is lookin good! The toe, not so much...

Mama P said...

I must have really low standards, because both that heel pic AND your toe looks really good to me. All I noticed was the goth nail polish - I likey.

bobealia said...

ok. no more foot. post something else.

Teri M. said...

Mom: Yeah, it's coming together!

MamaP: lol I'm way kewler than my kid likes to admit. ;)

Bo: Your wish is my command. :)