Tuesday, October 24, 2006

All Crafts! All The Time!

More magnets:
More Magnets

Miscellaneous points of possible general interest:
1. I've made headway in organizing The Mess.
2. I have a job interview at a Barnes & Noble about 10 minutes from my house.
3. I've reserved a table for a crafts fair/All Saints Festival. Good thing I have two weeks.
4. How ridiculously gorgeous is Sarah McLachlan and her voice?
5. I need a Pepcid.
6. Why didn't I read Little Women when I was younger?
7. I have seriously must start going to bed at a reasonable hour. (This sentence was a victim of hit-and-run editing. It should have read: I seriously must start going to bed at a resonable hour. Duh me.)
8. Ok. No more procrastination. I gotta make me some product to sell.


9. Is it just me or does not having 10 things on this list feel...unbalanced.
10. I always like the little "." after numbers to line up. All my forks and knives and spoons have to go in a certain direction in the drawer, too. And yet I can walk past a dust bunny for days. DAYS.

Oh, I forgot... I'm supposed to tell y'all that The Spawn finally posted something again. You can go and read about how cool a mom I am and how she caught me in a weak moment when I was temporarily insane.


Mama P said...

Me likey. Likey likey likey likey likey LIKEY. As far as Little Women, I loved that so much. Also Little Men. I cried so hard when one of the little boys... I won't say in case you never read it.

s@bd said...

1. excellent. my house next.
2. most excellent. you get free product, right?
3. you are very crafty (i kill me)
4. pretty darn gorge. and i'm a fan of the voice. And she's canadian, you know. (sorry, can't help myself)
5. i've never had one ... so probably i have nothing to say
6. i did - i didn't enjoy it.
7. hit-and-run editing - excellent.
8. take pics of your products, okay? i want to see how smart you are.
9. definitely unbalanced. but then i'm a little ocd
10. looks like we're a little ocd together. although not enough for the dust bunnies to get cleaned up.

Barb said...

Please tell me more about the craft festival. I missed the meet-up tonight. At the last minute I got all insecure. Whatever. Maybe next month I'll have more nerve.

Teri M. said...

MamaP: I plan on reading Little Men after this. And I will buy it with my employee discount. Dangerous!

s@bd: You Canadian girls with your gorgeous faces and gorgeous voices! ;) And yay for employee discounts! And I love my new phrase. heh. And I will take pics. And I like things nice and even. And I think we each deserve to have a housekeeper, don't you?

Katherine said...

But, but, but I have a stainless steel refrigerator and magnets do NOT stick to it! Can you believe that crap? You should have seen my face when we moved into this house and they delivered it (husband picked it out) and I tried to stick my magnets to it. Kept trying like some insane person and they kept fallin'. Gah!! Since then, no one in either of our families has gotten a birthday card on time since my list in now a drawer instead of on the frig!

Teri M. said...

Katherine: Me neither! Our old fridge was totally covered with stuff and I miss that. I hear that some of the new fridges have the stainless steal look, but you can put magnets on them. Probably makes them a lot more expensive. :)