Friday, September 01, 2006

Photobooth Friday #9 - Now With Actual Words!

Photobooth Friday #9
(click on picture to view larger image)
Written on the back in pencil: "Sunday Sept. 8-18"

I love the hat, of course, and the sweet pose with the other girl. These sorts of pictures make it difficult for me to not wax romantic about "simpler times".

In other, much more modern news: A New Google Hit! This time for "diamond encrusted wedding band". I barely made page 2, though. Looks like some lucky girl out there is going to have a beautiful wedding. Or she's trying to figure out a way to pawn it. Let's go with the less cynical scenario, shall we?

Anniversary update: For those of you who were wondering (and because I know he is a little disappointed that I didn't report this earlier), The Spouse cooked a lovely dinner for our anniversary. For starters there was a fresh wedge salad with a thick slice of organic tomato (you must pronouce it "tomAHto" when it's organic), seared ahi coated in Thai seasoning and sesame seeds and topped with a tangy cheese and garlic dressing. The salad was served with flaky Parmesan bread sticks. The main course was a nice thick steak of grouper. Its perfectly grilled flesh was firm and flaky. This was laid lovingly on a bed of brown and wild rice and topped with a delightful lemon butter. Oh my was that lemon butter delightful. It was served with scallops broiled in olive oil, garlic and smothered in Italian cheese. On the side, grilled baby asparagus and carrots. Did I mention the lemon butter? It was all delicious AND he washed the dishes. I'm thinking the money we spent on this kitchen was made worth it just because he will now cook. He so hated the other kitchen that he refused. But you'd better believe I got to cook in it. And do the dishes. Without a dishwasher. For seven years. While I also had a full-time job outside the home.::ahem:: Anyway, it was a fab meal. Lemon butter, people, with a touch of heavy cream. It melted like delicious lemony gold over the hot, meaty fish, down into the nutty rice. ::sigh::

Alrighty then.

Until I get off my lazy be-hind and go through my photos, this will be my last Photobooth Friday for a while. I guess it's time to make some new ones! Yeah, don't hold your breath. "Slim in 6" takes at least 6 weeks. But that's only if you actually do it. Oh. I mean - maybe in 6 weeks. Heh.

In the meantime, whilst my Photobooth Friday mentor, hulaseventy is moving house (poor girl, what a pain!), amuse yourselves here:
LeSophie (Guest Photobooth Hostess Extraodinarie, this week with a simply wonderful poem by her son as a bonus.)
JesC (be sure to look at her Photobooth Set, as well. It's amazing.)
hulaseventy's Flickr Photobooth Set

All ya'll have a lovely, long weekend.


meno said...

If i wasn't sitting here all fat and happy from my own, not nearly as spectacular, dinner this would have made me hungry. Keep this man, no matter what.

I think the two girls in the photo are in love. They looks so happy.

Mandy Klevenski said...

Yehaw! Way to go spouse! (I'm trying to do better with the whole anonymity thing - blush). So, can I come over for dinner in a few months? Just kidding! Man girl, you got a keeper!

Mama P said...

You better get off your ass and into bed with that man PRONTO. And he better be able to describe his happiness about the event as well as you described his cooking. Goooo gooo GOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOW!

s@bd said...

HEY! Sept 18 is my birthday so ... I feel a special affinity with those pictures.

bobealia said...

You could always go take some in the mall...

hannah m. said...

i take them in the mall all the time....i just need to find them...><...wuv ya!!!

Jenny said...

Ok, I TOTALLY collect those. The strips of photos from the earlier 1900's? Seriously, I'm drooling.

LeS said...

Get your butt to a photobooth toot sweet woman.
Who gives a cr*p about six slim whatevers.
Thanks for the lovely shout out last week.
And that dinner? Damn girl, keep him.

Teri M. said...

Meno: He's pretty much stuck with me. Poor slob. lol

Mandy: Hee! No worries - he blew it when he commented. Hey, we'd love to have you over for dinner!

MamaP: lol He ain't complainin'. };-)

s@bd: Huh, an excellent coincidence. I'll hafta remember that...

Bo: It's amazing how many we actually have around here.

H-bug: a desk not covered in trash helps. I should know.

Jenny: A totally fabulous hobby. If you haven't already, check out eBay - I buy lots and you can get some really cool stuff! Cheap!

LeS: Yes, ma'am! hee

Jenny said...

Ebay huh? My husband will kill me.

I'm logging on now.

Katherine said...

So, Punkin, what time should I be there for dinner? Love, love ahi tuna and grouper! Scallops and lemon butter aren't so bad either...My guy can't cook, unfortunately. But he does do dishes!

Teri M. said...

Jenny: It's sooooo dangerous. Lemme know how you do!

Katherine: :p hee Come on over - we'll do it up right. Many times I've wished he did dishes more than he cooked. This was a special occasion. Thank goodness for a dishwasher for the all the other nights of the year!