Friday, September 08, 2006

The Contents of My Purse Meme

My first Interweb stalkergroupie, Bo ovah at The Cat's Me'Ass, has tagged me for a meme that, in theory, shouldn't have been that hard to execute. Unfortunately, and despite some evidence to the contrary, I can be surprising anal about details. I may or may not have taken 10 or so shots, edited those down to three and then went back and set it all up again and taken 10 more. I'd prefer not to confirm or deny.

So, without further ado... The Contents of My Purse.

The Contents of My Purse Meme

This really is the purse that I've been using. I got it at Target for a dollar. Yes, siree. I do use a much nicer possibly leather purse in a lovely springy/sagey green for more formal occasions. Just sos you know. In case you were worried.

The Contents:
1. Pink leather wallet - over stuffed (unfortunately not with greenbacks)
2. Magenta T-Mobile Razr (whose your MOMMA!?! heh)
3. Today's Target receipt (guess who's gotta cover her grays)
4. Unused coupons
5. Car/house keys (remind me to tell you the whole Story of The Car sometime)
6. Spectacles wipe
7. Sugar-free Creme Savers in Strawberry
8. Sunglasses (they attach magnetically to my specs. Cool, huh?)
9. Hep (aka "hip") small, striped pad of paper
10. Burt's Bees Lip Balm - I panic when I'm without it.
11. Mary Kay lip gloss in Berrie Smoothie - just in case I happen to casually bump into one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our time. It's Marc Cohn, people. Marc Cohn.
12. A Pilot Precise Rolling Ball V7 pen
13. Lint (not shown)

Once again, thank you Bo for putting a fire under me to blog. Hey, believe it or not I have two drafts on which I am working. No. Really.

Now I'm tagging my beautiful and cool bestest friend from high school, Mandy. Giving you a little practice with your camera, gf. Welcome to the Wonderful Wide World of Blahging Memes!
Update: I'm now also tagging S@bd, too!


Mama P said...

I like Marc Cohn, too. My favorite song True Companion and the verse from Walking in Memphis "... and she says, do a little number... and I sang with all my might... and she says 'Tell me are you a Christian child?' and I said 'Mam, I am tonite."

Awesome lyrics. You are in his stories. Very Billy Joel. Also Phil Vassar is amazing for a country boy. Have you heard his stuff?

hannah m. said...

grr..that comment didnt show up i thought I was first...

anyway did you mean to say anal?

archshrk said...

Finally, a meme I won't get tagged with.

Teri M. said...

Mama P: I have a hard time picking favorites, but definitely Walk on Water and Paper Walls and Rest for the Weary and Medicine Man and Already Home and Olana and... ACK! I've been able to see him in concert 3 times, so far, and he is so, so amazing live.
I haven't hear of Phil Vassar - I'll hafta hop over to iTunes and check him out. I'm always on the look out for good music!

H-bug: It's a Freudian pschyoanalitical term mean really, supah uptight. Perfectionist like. I was using it to be dramatic.

archshrk: lol

Lucia said...

Love the purse!

Teri M. said...

Thanks! Not bad for a buck, huh?

s@bd said...


I LOVE Burt's Bees stuff ...

mmmm ...

How do you restrain yourself from eating it instead of applying it? Not that I have a problem or anything ...

Teri M. said...

Heh heh - it doesn't agree with me when applied internally. ;D

jude said...

Hey...we have matching cell phones! Frank keeps calling it pink. It is not pink! I don't care what it says on the box! It's rose...or metalic magenta...or fuchsia...or red violet...or...hell, anything but pink!

Did I mention I want you to change your wallet. Do it now. Hurry.

I'm sorry.

Pink makes me...twitchy. That, and Cheesewhiz. Cooked celery. Naugahyde. Corkboard. Unsalted saltines. (WHAT is that about?!!) Guys named Attila. Girls named Attila. Bran.

I'll stop now.

PS I linked you. The devil made me do it.


Teri M. said...

It is definitely not pink. I think I prefer to call it magenta or fuchsia. Awww, hey now, I love my wallet... it isn't too sickly Barbie pinkie. And it looks good with all my green purses. Saltines without salt would just be "tines" and thusly should be illegal. Besides being pointless. You have been linkied in return. :D

Jen said...

"Tines" - that's a good one!

And for all Teri's friends out there - particularly the girls - even when she uses a bigger purse that is still all she seems to carry in her purse! How does she do that?!!!?

Teri M. said...

Now that I look at it, I guess that technically it would be "ines" but that isn't as easy to say.
Hey, when I have the bigger purse, I carry a little bit more: tissues, a wallet sized bagthing with Splenda in it and other emergency items. Ok. That's still not much.

hannah m. said...


LeS said...

OK, I'm late to this party but - DUDE - that same phone, that same car key, that same Burt's Bees?

All in my purse.

Great minds I tell you...

Teri M. said...

Oooo, freakeh. But definitely in a cool coincidental way. We rock! ;)

bobealia said...

shit, I still haven't done that.
Oh man, I'm so behind.

bobealia said...

by the way... just a little hurt.
not a stalker.
sad face.

Teri M. said...

No rush, GF, I figured you would do it when you could. Hey now! No sad face!! It was a joyous declaration of your readerhood! Big hugs and kisses XXOO