Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Scarlet S. And L. And P

Confession time. Bless me Internet for I have sinned...

Here it is: I am not earning my $134,121 a year. No where near it. And I have art to prove it.

I am here to be brandedpresented with my Scarlet S. And L. And P. What, pray tell, do these initials stand for, you ask? Slob. Lazy. Procrastinator. Or to put it in a more grammatically pleasing form: Lazy Procrastinating Slob. I'm so lazy that as I sit here, I am losing the will to type.

This can wait until morning. I'm going to bed.

Ok, so I didn't go to bed. But you knew that , didn't you? You knew that I stayed on the computer feeding the Obsessively Reading Blog Monster until almost 2am. Why? Because I am a champion Procrastinator. World class, baby. If this were an Olympic event, I couldn't compete, because I am a Professional.

Now, I get a pass on the dining room for the moment, because it is being used as a living room and storage for our currently gutted living room. Of course, that doesn't excuse the dust bunnies. Oh wait, yes it does. Does, too. Afterall, construction dust gets everywhere. He hasn't worked on it in a couple of weeks you say? Shaddup, buster, I say. And I keep the mess in two of the more important rooms down to a dull roar. Usually. These are the two rooms that are most likely to be seen by unexpected company, The Kitchen and the front bathroom. So, I've got that going for me.

This is becoming unconscionably wordy. Even my interest is waning. Oh, wait... that would probably be the laziness kicking in.

So. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. The scenes of my crime. Frankly, I can not bring myself to show you the worst of it. It's too painful. It's too horrific. It's the state of my bedroom. I hang my head in shame. Shame. Remember Jody Foster's room in the original
Freaky Friday? Minus any gross old pizza boxes or moldy dishes. I do have some standards. As far as you know. Instead of showing you the train wreck of clothes and boxes and goodness knows what that is the hovel in which I sleep, I'll treat you to the train wreck of paper and art supplies and boxes and goodness knows what that is The Computer Room. It is more multi-purpose than that, but I'm way too lazy for the whole hyphenate thang.

(Deep Breath)(check the notes - I'm addicted to flickr notes!) Here goes:
Wasted Space
The Great Distractor
Not All MY Fault
Ok, THIS Is Pretty Much All My Fault

It is my hope that now that I've confessed, I shall go and sin no more. I am a stay at home mom - what else do I have to do?? It's what I get paid for. (Hee, if you don't actually say it you know you think it, huh, Andrea?) Maybe the public can shame me in to action. It's time I started pulling my weight around here.

I'm going to go lie down.


archshrk said...

I'll finish reading your post later, but in the mean time, are you only addicted to flickr? Because I'd love you to take a look at some time (yes, it's a shameless plug and thus I shall feel no shame)

Actually, I suffer from the internet demon too. God help us all.

Mama P said...

Your office isn't so bad. It's very Restoration Hardware meets Michael's Arts N Craft. I think you just need to do that old Martha Beck thing: 3 big bins labeled: what stays, what gets donated and what is trash. And then you need to decide what you need to do to keep your desk clear for creating. And yet, look at your great writing. And your cards. It works for you. At least your clutter has style. Mine office consists of two different desks, 3 trash cans for Ebay stuff and a few random floor baskets. You're doing better than you think. (If it's possible to think with all that stuff in there.) Hee hee.

Teri M. said...

Arch: I shall certainly check it out. Why? Because I. can't. stop.

MamaP: Excellent deduction - the paint color is from Restoration Hdwe! Atmosphere Blue. Is it wierd that I feel so, so happy when I'm in that store? Clearing this up is my project for next week. Then I really won't have an excuse to get things done!

NCE said...

Well, I can't seem to get there from NCE that I am signing in on this identity. I guess it was overly optimistic to think there would be room for sewing too. Sorry about that!

NCE said...

This is wild! Now it is showing as NCE. So I guess I got here after all.

I don't suppose you would want my cookbook collection, now that you are space challenged. I need to downsize!

Jen said...

OK, as the SIL that shamefully has contributed to her SIL's creative stash, I shoulder all blame and pubicly express my remorse.

Did I happen to mention I came across a bunch of stamps when I cleaned out my CCC - Creative Chaotic Closet?

Jen said...

OK, let's try that again. I publicly express my remorse.

You know Freud is having a field day!

Teri M. said...

Mom: Actually, figuring out how to work in the sewing is part of the project - I've purchased way too many fat qtrs to justify not having it set up! Cookbooks? As if I could say no to cookbooks!!

Jen: No. NOOOOOOOO! No. More. Stamps.

Heh. I crack me up with my frontin'.

LeS said...

But what would I do if you didn't spend hours on the net and leave SO MANY YUMMY comments over at my little corner of the blogiverse? Huh? HUH?!

And Dude, like one of my best friends always says with a big genuine grin and a touch of sarcasm "We ALL have our strengths". I only wish I could be half as positive as her. Or that I had as many vintage photos as you.

Organized or not.

Teri M. said...

LeS: Of course I am weak. WEAK. Maybe my strength is in admiting it? Eh? No? Shall continue to comment! I think I'm rambling now. Yeah, did you see all those boxes? Crammed full of other people's lives. Loved your yellow picture. Oh, I already told you that. :)

bobealia said...

I can't look because dial-up is too slow. I tried and it yelled at me. I believe you though. I often procrastinate going to bed because I don't feel like brushing my teeth.

Teri M. said...

Bo: Make sure to come back once yer off dial-up. Then you can point and laugh at me. ;)

hannah m. said...

geez mom

NCE said...

As I remember it, your craft room was in wonderful order when we were there in November. Then came the need to add a person to you room and make it a two person office workroom. Give yourself a break! It is not an easy task.

Teri M. said...

:-* Mom :)