Friday, June 09, 2006

Photobooth Friday #6

Check me with the creative titles.

What? Hello? Guess whooooo?? I know, I know - you thought I'd dropped off the face of the earth. Truth is, for the life of me, anything I started to write didn't sound, um, right. Plus I've been reading all these other fantastically insightful, witty and interesting blogs and I felt, frankly, substandard. ::sniff::

I've been mulling over whether or not I should share with you, my dear Internet friends, my deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret. But I worry - will you still love me or will you turn from me in horror and pin a large, scarlet letter on my URL? Will Alison at Brocante Home revoke my Vintage Housekeeper membership? Oops. I think I might have just let the mangy cat out of the greasy, crumpled bag.

Looking back over these short paragraphs, I'm also worried that I might have used up my quota of commas for this month.

Well, while I wrestle with my demons, enjoy my stretching of the definition of photobooth. This fab pic is one of my recent eBay finds. One for which I paid promptly - as I always do. And one which took a month to get to me. I am now sufficiently wary of dealing with newbie eBay sellers. I was hurt, people, and it's been hard for me to move on.

ALSO, I almost forgot - I finally get my birthday present from D., this weekend. Apparently it is mind blowingly good. Like, custom made, even. Stay tuned!

Other Photobooth Friday Fun:

hulaseventy (June 2)
hulaseventy (today)

p.s. Whoever is outside tunelessy whistling? Stop. Stop. With. The. Whistling.

p.p.s. Forgot to say: "June 1949" is written on the back of this classic piece of vacation Americana.


Mama P said...

I think we all sometimes feel inferior and it can stalwart our productivity. My deceased dad, one of the tackiest men on the planet (I'm talking "Shalom" metal hangings in bright green, bathmats for seat covers)... my dad... he had a sign on his wall "Paralysis by Analysis". I took it. I believe that. You'll never be better than one person, but so much better than another, so why not just bury the guilt that is so unnecessary and let your light shine. And I don't care if that sounded high handed. I meant it. In fact, to get "high", you need a "light". It works. I like your writing so much - keep going.

andrea said...

oh yes, this fits in the photobooth category, most definitely... don't you love these??? the phony, jokey set-ups (there's a name for them but I don't remember)... I have a funny one I should post soon. great that the writing is on the back, so great.

thanks so much for posting this!

(I am a total comma over-user too, hee hee, really I am... and keep writing, please do-- love your blog)

bobealia said...

Try buying a car on ebay that has way too many problems with it, and then have your husband forget to keep the back of the certified check... Then try getting your money back!
Sigh... I understand your pain. I do.
I'm glad your back. Stay back! I wondered.. I checked often...

bobealia said...

btw, you are back on my posse list... I tried to you know, not have EXACTLY the same list as before so as to not be TOO obvious, but yeh, that's not working out. I add my posse back bit by bit as they comment.

Teri M. said...

Mama P: "Paralysis by Analysis" - love that. And, boy howdy, does that describe me. Didn't sound "high handed"... thanks for the encouragement!

Andrea: Oh good - I wasn't sure. I also love that this came from New Orleans. Kinda "ripped from the headlines". :-) Can't wait to see yours! (and thanks for the encouragement, too.)

Bobealia: Uh, can I abbreviate that? lol A car?? That would be scary!

bobealia said...

I don't understand what you want to abbreviate.

Lena said...

Whaaaat's the seeeecret? Oooooh, I love seeeecrets.

Teri M. said...

Bo: I wanted to abbreviate Bobealia. lol

Lena: It's dirty, I'll just say that for now.