Thursday, June 22, 2006


I was going to post pictures of my transformation from J-Lo-esque greys, but then I saw the aforementioned photos (which I can not help but pronounce in my head "fo-toes") and changed my mind. Apparently the greys were much more obvious in my mindmirrors. Plus I became scalp shy.

Now I need a haircut. I have yet to find a salon that cuts my hair the way I ask. It's as if I suddenly start speaking Klingon once I'm asked the question,"So, what are you looking for today?"

And I usually end up looking to see if that's a real cosmetology license stuck on their station or if is says "correspondence course" anywhere on it.


Mama P said...

Hey, be glad you're getting a haircut. I used to be a fabulous redhead. Now I'm a not so fabulous black haired mommy. I am looking to the days of my kids being older, like H, when I can drop them at school, work part-time at something incredible, and yes, become a redhead once again!!!!!!!!!

bobealia said...

Hair dressers are hard to find. I have wavy hair - yes, not curly, not straight. People like to cut it as if it's straight, as if I haven't just said clearly, I will never ever ever bother with the straight-iron. I just hope I can find a good one here in my new town. I'm with yah, I feel yer pain... Goodluck with that.

bobealia said...


R. Robyn said...

what happened to the rest of your body? Sure must be hard to get around with only shoulders.

Kidding. Good luck with your hairdresser. The only successful trip I've had was when a friend cut my hair for me. And he actually cut my hair in his kitchen.

Teri M. said...

Ok... I'm back from my lazy weekend. So:

Mama P: Take heart - those days come fast!

Bo: My hair is like that, too, only I've not tried to straighten it, cuz then it gets saaad. Ya know I can't use a curling iron, either. It curls for a few minutes and then goes freaky, straw straight.

R.R.: Hee, I laughed. Yeah, I've only had really perfect salon cut, and any other time is was a good cut, my mom did it.