Thursday, June 29, 2006

Brief Apology

I would like to take a moment to apologize for any inconvenience or mental anguish that turning on word verification may have cause you, my beloved cyber-pals. I realize that sometimes they seem unnecessarily long. And I think several have been subtly naughty. Unfortunately, it had to be done. I got whammied with 65 spam comments. Imagine the thrill I received thinking I'd gotten a ginormous influx of comments. And then my little comment greedy heart was crushed. Crushed, I tell you.

I've been meaning to address the situation for sometime now, but was spurred on today by a really complex jumble. It rejected my first attempt. On my own blog.

Ooo. I narrowly avoided turning this into a rant about respect, and how word verification wasn't givin' a girl any.

Apology turned possible rant over.


Moo said...

*HUUUUUUG* do you know I creepy internet love you??? I do! I do I do I do to the power of a zillion!! xxx

EuroYank said...

Great Blog! Easy to read. Well written. Great colors!

bobealia said...

I had to come by because I saw your comment over on the pink shoe, about your daughter's bum wound and ice cream, and I laughed, but then I said to myself, Teri has been spending too much time with the Time Release Fart Machine, and I think I should visit her. Not that I can help with the sanity issue.

archshrk said...

Yes, eventually they will find us all. I turned on word verification a while back for the very same reason. Unfortunately for you, blogger has a well desirved reputation of failing to accept word verifications, thus leaving visitors without a way to successfully comment (from time to time)

Luckily for you, most blog readers have cotten accustomed to word verifications and also bloggers hangups, especially since many of them use blogger themselves.

sandro said...

I know you're on blogger, but can you use other plugins? I just started using wp-hashcash (for wordpress), and it prevents the spam bombing I used to get.

I'm still considering adding word verification for the few pieces of spam that still get through every month, but at least it's only a few a month right now.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope to hear from you again.

Jenni said...

I too wish I could throw caution to the wind and rid myself of the annoying word verification.

Maybe someday this world will be free of spammers and ghost commenters, until then I will force myself to type meaningless letters into a box in order to get my point across.


Mel said...

Well, unless you want to obliterate every comment you ever had, DON'T install HaloScan (the free version anyhow. I don't know if the pay version allows you to keep 'em). I did that, and lost six months' worth of comments.
On the bright side, I have yet to get one single spam...

Teri M. said...

LOL, Moooooo - right backatcha with the creepy internet love!

Euroyank: Why thank you.

Bo: I appreciate your concern, it's so true. ::sob:: ;)

Arch: yeah - I guess we can't complain too much, since Blogger is free. I'd like to complain. But I guess I shouldn't.

Sandro: Honestly, I haven't really looked in to it. I have seen quite a few people who use HaloScan, but like Mel says, I don't want to risk losing all my comments. I'm a comment horder like that. Thanks for stopping by!

Jenni: We must do what we must do. It's a hard knock Blogger life.

Mel: I keep hearing that, and, like I said to Sandro, I'm not sure my delicate ego could take the loss of my comments. lol

Mama P said...

I love your computer graphics. You rock.

Leon said...

Man....Well this word verification thing is useful and i dun blame you...i too had such probs

prying1 said...

I would rather type in mbdabubk (even though I have to look at the screen every 2-3 letters and double check at the end) than come to your comments and see you've been spammed - -(:-)

P.S. The above was the real word verification. I almost always get stuck with long ones...

Bad Example - - has info on getting haloscan and keeping the old comments.

I lost my comments when I switched and am still glad I did.

I still use the word verification just in case some *^$%#&^ puts a porno or child abuse spam in some long ago post and I don't get notified of it.

Katherine said...

Oh yuck! I've been waiting to turn it on, too. Just received several spam comments but I guess until I receive 65 I'll let it go...Bummer dude

R. Robyn said...

Not that I'm looking for any, but I've never gotten any spam comments. Does that say anything about my blog?

Anyway, good to read you. It's been a while.

By the way, the word verification looks something like "undies".

Lena said...

I hate verification, but 65 comments that never were would make my heart STONE. I'm with ya on this one.

Teri M. said...

Leon: I thank you for your support. (Oh man, was that a Bartels and James commercial?)

prying1: I totally appreciate the perseverance it took to leave a comment for me! Hee re: your verif. word - at least it wasn't one of the naughty ones! ;)

Katherine: Yeah - that's what I did, too. But doesn't yours have the little thing where you have to write the number in? That seems to work and it's not obnoxious.

Robyn: Yay - you got a naughty one! Hee ;) I've fallen behind on my posting already!

Lena: I knew you would understand. And I appreciate that, especially since I know you hate word verif!